Alex Heidt a Top Team Builder

As a senior executive with many years of experience in high-level business, Alex Heidt knows the importance of building great teams. He has been putting his skills to use in building top-level teams for 25 years, with a good deal of success, at big name companies in the defense industry such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation. At Harris Corporation his team was responsible for $1 billion in corporate revenue, so Alex Heidt knew they had better be among the best of the best.

Great team building has been one of Alex Heidt’s many skills as a business executive. He has accomplished his team building goals through hard work and dedication, as well as through leading by example. Alex Heidt’s reputation for integrity and his consummate professionalism inspire teams to greatness, leading them to consistently achieve above and beyond expectations.

Now head of the acquisitions team at Alion Science and Technology, Alex Heidt has under him what he considers to be one of his best teams yet, full of some of the industry’s top talent and loaded with ambition and the desire to achieve greatness. Following Alex Heidt’s example, they have developed a recipe for success through service, achievement, integrity, and professionalism. The team has seen big results and drawn high praise. Alion, the global technology and operational solutions company, delivers advanced solutions for the strengthening of national security and the driving of growth. As a company they stress success at the highest level, and that is why they are excited to have people like Alex Heidt heading their teams.

Alex Heidt’s team building expertise has delivered results already, and he knows it will continue to do so into the future. But he is not relaxing, because there is always new work to be done and new heights to scale in the pursuit of success.



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