Building Client Relations with Alex Heidt

In his long and decorated professional career, Alex Heidt has maintained a reputation for customer service and building strong client relations. Now, in his capacity as Senior Vice President and head of acquisitions for Alion Science and Technology, the major global engineering and operational solutions corporation, Alex Heidt implements these skills on a daily basis in his constant drive to deliver results and ensure growth.

Building and maintaining client relations is possibly the single most important aspect of corporate growth, according to Alex Heidt. After all, without clients you have no business. This is why he places a great deal of importance on the maintenance of great client relations, always trying to go the extra step with a client to ensure they are satisfied.

This “customer first” attitude has benefited Alex Heidt well in his 25 years of professional life. He has risen through the corporate ranks at major companies like Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation; at Harris he was named Senior Vice President of Business Development, in charge of nearly $1 billion of the company’s $5 billion in revenue. In order to maintain this level of profitability, Alex Heidt says, it is absolutely vital to maintain client relations at a high level, keeping relationships healthy and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration.

Alex Heidt achieves this high level of client satisfaction with his unique blend of skills, combining his wide-ranging business expertise with an unimpeachable professionalism and devotion to integrity, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. But he tempers this with his polish and air of easy authority, wielding his considerable talents with an approachability that puts clients at ease.

Alex Heidt continues to see great results on account of his unwavering devotion to good client relations. He expects to continue achieving growth and further success well into the future.


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