Alex Heidt Delivers Results

In a career that has spanned 25 years and shows no signs of slowing, current Senior Vice President of Alion Science and Technology Alex Heidt has maintained a sterling reputation for delivering great results. This reputation has followed him throughout his professional life. Rising through the corporate ranks one step at a time, Alex Heidt was given jobs of increasing responsibility at prominent defense firms such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation. At Harris, Alex Heidt became Senior Vice President of Business Development, heading a $1 billion branch of the $5 billion corporation. All along the way, he has received considerable praise for his ability to drive growth and deliver results.

It is a unique combination of a wide ranging set of business skills, along with a personal code of integrity and dedication, that makes Alex Heidt such a top talent in the field. He is a talented executive with a broad background in federal and commercial markets, with extensive experience in marketing, business plan development and execution, customer relations, and operations management and negotiations. He is also a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to seeing a task through to the end. This package of talents has kept Alex Heidt at the forefront of the executive curve and has resulted in a continued string of professional successes. Results are the bottom line, and results are what Alex Heidt delivers.

Alex Heidt embodies the traits of an old-school leader, with poise, polish and professionalism heading the roster of his personal virtues. He inspires the respect and admiration of those around him and brings them up to his level, consistently getting more than expected from his team. There traits are well-suited to delivering the kind of results that Alex Heidt takes pride in delivering every day.


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