Alex Heidt Displays Dedication

There is no doubt about it: in today’s business world, many employees have a serious lack of dedication. Where employees once would stay on with a company for their entire professional careers, now they change companies as quickly as they might change clothes. That is why it is so refreshing to encounter someone with old-fashioned dedication like Senior Vice President of Alion Science and Technology Alex Heidt.

Alex Heidt has earned high praise for his dedication and core values throughout his 25 years in the defense and technology industry. His reputation for dedication and devotion to the job made Alex Heidt an ideal candidate for Alion, a technology company specializing in operational solutions and global engineering. Alion had been looking for just someone with Alex Heidt’s blend of skills and devotion.

Alex Heidt specializes at Alion in driving growth through business development and customer relations, by understanding organizational dynamics and the contracting process in an integrated way, and by seeing it all through with a singular devotion and vision. Alex Heidt’s team recognizes that they have a unique talent at their helm, and he consistently gets them to rise to the occasion. With customers throughout the U.S. Military as well as commercial clients and private interests, it takes someone with Alex Heidt’s devotion and dedication to see to every aspect of a complex and ever-evolving business.

Before coming to Alion, Alex Heidt was the Senior Vice president of Business Development for Harris Corporation, heading a $1 billion division of the $5 billion company. While there he earned a reputation for 100% devotion and unwavering commitment to the company.

With 25 years already behind him in his career, Alex Heidt shows no signs of slowing down, and even says he envisions 25 more years of devoted service ahead.


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