Alex Heidt on Discipline

Former U.S. Marine Alex Heidt knows a thing or two about discipline. In today’s rapidly changing world it is like a breath of fresh air to meet someone with the discipline and attention to detail to see a task through, and to get the job done. These are precisely the traits that Alex Heidt possesses in spades. He has been recognized for these traits throughout his professional career, most recently by Alion Science and Technology, which hired Alex Heidt as head of their acquisitions team. At Alion, Alex Heidt has already begun creating business growth with his unique blend of professional skills and high level of discipline.

Alex Heidt has the discipline to see a project all the way from start to finish, which is why he has been so successful in his career thus far. After earning a JD and Master of Finance from Catholic University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Strayer University, Alex Heidt went on to rise through the professional ranks in the defense and technology industry, taking positions of increasing importance and responsibility at companies such as Orbital Sciences, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation. Along the way, he maintained a remarkable level of discipline which allowed him to rise above his peers and become the outstanding executive he is today.

Discipline allows for Alex Heidt to constantly strive for new heights of achievement without losing sight of the present task. In honor of his high level of discipline and devotion, which have led him to such great heights of personal and professional achievement, Alex Heidt was recently named Alumni of the Year by Strayer University. Displaying his trademark discipline, he accepted the award with humility and grace. Alex Heidt is sure to continue on his remarkable path of success, using his discipline and professionalism to reach the next level of greatness.


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