Polish and Professionalism with Alex Heidt

Alex Heidt is a man who places a great deal of value on traits some consider old fashioned. Counted among these are integrity, dedication, hard work, polish and professionalism. By ‘polish’ the former U.S. Marine means good grooming, upright bearing, and sharp attention – all qualities that seem very much a product of bygone days. But for Alex Heidt, polish is very much alive and well. He has excellent posture and a dignified comportment that conveys easy authority. His speech has a kind of paternal respectfulness that, frankly, one does not hear much of these days. It is refreshing to know that people like Alex Heidt carry on the old traditional values.

A Senior Vice President at the research and solutions giant Alion Science and Technology, Alex Heidt exercises these values every day in his professional dealings. Combining skillful business techniques with a knack for customer relations, Alex Heidt goes the extra mile with his clients and contractors, all while maintaining the same air of polish and professionalism that has gotten him to where he is today. After earning multiple degrees at Catholic University in Washington, DC and a BSBA at Strayer University, Alex Heidt went on to make a name for himself in the defense and technology industry, rising through the ranks of firms such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation, and earning new accolades at every turn. Now Alex Heidt has focused his skills on increasing growth at Alion, with visible results.

Alex Heidt’s professionalism has earned him such prestigious distinctions as being named Alumni of the Year by Strayer University in 2012. Because he is polished, he has accepted such awards with the dignity and humility proper to a man of his station. For Alex Heidt, the awards are an honor, but the real reward is in a job well done.


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