Alex Heidt, Alion Science’s New Executive VP

Alion Science and Technology has recently named Alex Heidt their new Senior Vice President and head of the Acquisition Programs Management Group. The global engineering, operational solutions and technology corporation chose Alex Heidt based on his 25-year track record of proven success, as well as his personal reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Alex Heidt brings to Alion a matchless skill set of driving growth, enhancing customer relations and delivering optimum solutions. He honed this skill set over the course of his career with positions of increasing professional importance and responsibility, all at top defense and technology firms. These firms included Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation, a company with $5 billion in revenue. Alex Heidt is an expert in implementation of high-level business plans, organizational solutions, and profit strategies, as well as a man of high personal integrity who takes pride in his work. Matching expertise with integrity and solutions with professionalism, Alex Heidt provides a level of service and commitment hard to find in today’s business world.

Alion Science and Technology delivers customized engineering, IT and operational solutions to drive business growth and strengthen national security. Their customers are civilian, private sector and defense, as well as commercial. Alex Heidt and Alion promote advanced readiness and faster decision making ability in today’s ever-changing world. Alex Heidt’s combination of business savvy, professionalism, polish and achievement make him a great asset to Alion and a sure sign of great things to come for the company.

Alex Heidt has expressed a high level of satisfaction with the Alion corporate ethos, and suspects that he is at the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Alex Heidt’s skills will be put to excellent and maximum use in the Alion environment. Together, they are sure to reach new heights of business achievement and personal growth.


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