Strayer University Alumni of the Year: Alex Heidt

Throughout his 25-year career as a top executive in the defense and technology field, Alex Heidt has been recognized for his achievements and contributions to his company’s cause. While at Orbital Sciences Corp., he was awarded their Extra Mile Award for his achievements at that company. During his tenure as an executive at Lockheed Martin, Alex Heidt received several awards, including the President’s Award, the MVP Award, and the NOVA Award. These awards were given in honor of Alex Heidt’s continued professionalism, dedication, and service to the Lockheed Martin team.

Most recently, Alex Heidt received his most coveted award to date when his alma mater, Strayer University, named him Alumni of the Year for 2012.

Alex Heidt earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Strayer, and says the university education helped propel him on the path to his current successes. Currently in the employ of Alion Science and Technology as an Executive Vice President and head of the company’s special division for acquisitions management, Alex Heidt is achieving new heights of professional excellence every day. His ability to drive growth and foster customer relations, combined with his matchless integrity and composure under pressure, make Alex Heidt a valuable asset to the team and a sterling example of business ethics. Strayer University recognized this and saw how it reflected their own values, which is why they decided to award Alex Heidt with the title.

To be named Alumni of the Year is a great honor, says Alex Heidt, and he is humbled by the experience. He says it is a career milestone that he will not soon forget, but he is always looking toward the future. In the future, Alex Heidt sees the potential for still higher achievement, and perhaps will be awarded even higher honors to come.


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