Alex Heidt, Top Executive

Alion Science and Technology Senior Vice President Alex Heidt has been a top executive for over 25 years. In that time he has developed a matchless skill set and a professional demeanor that has made him into one of the most respected executives in the industry. Alex Heidt has a proven track record of driving growth through customer relations and operational dynamics, which he combines with a professional attitude and humility into an executive package any company would love to have. At Alion, Alex Heidt heads the Acquisition Programs Management Group, where he brings his formidable talents to bear in advancing the research and technology company’s growth and development.

Alex Heidt displays solid expertise in development and implementation of complex business plans and profit strategies, as well as acquisitions, integrations and divestitures. All of this knowledge has been honed during his distinguished career at such companies as Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and Orbital Sciences Corp. Alex Heidt is a former U.S. Marine whose discipline and steady professionalism give him an edge in a competitive field.

Alex Heidt has been recognized throughout his career for his successes, earning such awards as the Extra Mile Award from Orbital Sciences Corp., and the President’s Award, the MVP Award, and the NOVA Award from Lockheed Martin. In 2012, Alex Heidt’s alma mater, Strayer University, honored him by naming him an Alumni of the Year. It is the latest in a nearly constant string of decorations for Alex Heidt, whose ambition has propelled him to great things all throughout his long tenure in the industry.

A dedicated and talented executive with a broad background in federal and commercial markets, Alex Heidt’s name has been at the forefront of conversation in the industry for some time. Alion Science and Technology expect great things from Alex Heidt, with very good reason.



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