Alex-HeidtAlex Heidt, an attorney and management consultant, has over 25 years of experience in the defense industry. Leading P&L centers over $500M in annual sales, developing business strategies and winning over $1 billion multi-million dollar contracts for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Harris, Alion, and T-Solutions, Alex has proved himself as an expert in propelling a business to the next level.

As a consultant, Alex Heidt collaborates with company executives, flag officers, and high-level government officials. Together they formulate strategic roadmaps to build a robust pipeline of opportunities which Insignia’s clients can bid on. Alex then provides the business development expertise they need to shape these opportunities, successfully bid and win opportunities, and help them through the ensuing rapid growth.

Alex Heidt is highly experienced in new business development, major contract negotiation,  and mergers & acquisitions worldwide. He has led several highly sensitive contract negotiations, the results of which were internationally significant. One example of such business acumen was Alex’s role in reestablishing travel agreements between Liberia and the United States of America. He also won a contract which allowed Lockheed Martin (his employer at the time) to gain a presence in Australia through the IT infrastructure of the country’s Taxation Office.

To learn more about Alex Heidt’s previous career, see his Bloomberg profile.


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